what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests

What To Put In Baby Shower Gift Bags For Guests? (Creative & Thoughtful Ideas)

Baby showers are the most important and memorable thing a parent could ever imagine. But the most stressful part is deciding what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests.  To make this celebration even more memorable, parents should give small gift bags to the guests who have come to bless the baby. These bags not only express gratitude but also add an extra touch of love and excitement to the event.So what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests?

You should include something meaningful and related to the celebration. Such as custom baby feet-shaped cookies, blue/pink bath bombs, thank-you bags, mini shower gels, etc. You can also put candles, baby kits, and gender-neutral slippers. 

Isn’t this an excellent way to thank guests for their well wishes for you and your new baby? This heartfelt memento will have your guests remembering you for years to come. If you’re wondering what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests, we’ve got you covered with creative and thoughtful ideas that will leave your attendees beaming with joy!

Baby Shower Gift Bags- A Bundle Of Joy For Your Guests

Picking up the best baby shower gifts for guests can be hard because of the variety of options. This is why we have narrowed down the ideas for you to give to your guests. All of the baby shower gift bags are meaningful and related to the theme. Let’s dig into it:

  • Sweet Treats And Munchies

Who can resist a sweet indulgence? Sweets can be a token of appreciation for the lovely guests. Fill your gift bags with an assortment of candies, chocolates, and delicious snacks. Include some treats with a baby theme, such as cookies in the form of baby bottles, pacifiers, or miniature booties.  

  • Pampering Kits

Pampering kits are the best baby shower gift you can give to your guests. Everyone loves skincare or body care, right? So fill your gift bags with travel-sized skincare kits, lotions, hair care products, or shower gel. They can use them for a very long time and will think of you each time they do.

  • Rose Teddy Bear

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Then gift your guests a Rose teddy bear. It’s a teddy bear made with beautiful roses. Roses are a symbol of life, and since you are bringing a new life into the world, they are the ideal gift to give the guests. You can find the best quality rose teddy bear at Real Rose GiftRose teddy bears make a lovely party favors baby showers because of its uniqueness and delicacy. 

The premium quality of each rose gives your guests a sense of luxury while remaining reasonably priced. It is more than just a gift; it is an expression of appreciation for your cherished guests.  If you are looking for baby shower gift ideas for girls then definitely check out Real Rose Gift as they have many cute gifts for girl-themed baby showers.

  • Perfumes or Scented Candles

The best way to make someone remember you is to gift them something scented. The scent will always remind them of you. So, as a party favor baby shower, you can include travel-sized perfumes for your guests. Or scented candles would work the same.  

  • Personalized Items with Name Tag

Any personalized items bearing the guests’ names will overwhelm them. For example, you can give them Custom keychains with their name on them, custom cookies with their name written on the icing, or a custom Towel with their name embroidered. The options are endless, and you can personalize any item.

Baby Shower Gift Bag Ideas to Impress: Baby Shower Gift Bags Galore!

When you are giving baby shower gift bags, it’s all about effort and appreciation. The gifts do not have to be expensive or branded. It’s all about small gestures of gratitude toward your guests. Here are some ideas for baby shower party favors to impress guests:

  • Tiny Keepsakes 

You can share brief memories of your time spent with your guests. Small, sentimental keepsakes like miniature photo frames, miniature planters, or even engraved keychains might be appropriate to include. These tokens will become cherished mementos of the joyful occasion.

  • Crafty Creations

Imagine someone putting in a lot of time and effort to give you something; isn’t that overwhelming? That’s what you can do for your guests as unique baby shower favors. Make handmade soap, scented sachets, or painted mugs as a DIY project. When you make the gift bags truly special for your guests, they will certainly appreciate your efforts.

  • Baby Care Essentials

Imagine the delight on your guests’ faces when they discover the thoughtful yet practical treasures tucked away in their baby shower gift bags. It’s like a warm hug for their well-being. Hand sanitizers, those little powerhouses of cleanliness, are like a shield against germs, a mini spa day in a bottle, and a safety net rolled into one. With the world being, well, the world, these pocket-sized protectors offer a splash of reassurance.

  • Handwritten Letters

What can be more thoughtful than handwritten letters? Handwritten letters have been a sign of true love and effort for ages. Include small personalized handwritten letters for each guest to make them feel special.

Cheap Favors for Baby Shower- Affordable Delight

If you are on a budget but still want some meaningful gifts to give your guests, then we have got you covered. These cheap baby shower gift ideas for guests are not only affordable but will also be close to their hearts. So buckle up, because this section will blow your mind:

  • Recipe Cards

Ever thought of giving not just a meal, but a culinary journey? Slide your favorite baby-friendly recipes onto cute cards or a charming mini cookbook. It’s like sharing a piece of your heart and kitchen—a delightful reminder of the shared laughter and good food. Every time your guests whip up those dishes, they’ll be cooking up memories and tasting the love.

  • Customized Tea Bags

Picture this: your guests are sipping on cups of warmth, enveloped by the soothing aroma of custom-made tea bags. Your gratitude and care are infused into each bag. Baby-themed labels add an extra dash of delight. Your appreciation and the warmth of the celebration will be felt in every sip.

  • Seed Packets

Give your guests a little envelope filled with the promise of a growing friendship. These aren’t just seed packets; they’re tiny bundles of hope and green magic. Attach a note that whispers, “Watch our friendship bloom!” As they plant these seeds and see them sprout, they’ll be reminded of the beautiful bond you share, just like those blossoms reaching for the sun.

Luxury Baby Shower Gift Ideas- Luxury and Elegance

There is nothing wrong with choosing luxury items as baby shower thank you gift ideas. Expensive goods are not only of high quality but can also go a long way. So if you are looking for Luxury baby shower favors, then this section is for you. 

  • Scented Diffusers: An Air of Opulence

Imagine opening a gift bag and being greeted by an exquisite aroma that whisks you away to a world of luxury. Scented diffusers are like the whispers of elegance that linger in the air, creating an ambiance of sophistication. As your guests unwrap these treasures, they’ll discover more than just a beautifully designed diffuser; they’ll unveil an experience that pampers their senses and makes them feel truly cherished.

  • Monogrammed Accessories: Personalized Sophistication

Picture stroking a leather keychain or a pocket mirror that is both delicately engraved with a monogram. These aren’t just accessories; they’re pieces of art that carry a touch of your unique style. The monogram, like a secret code, adds a sense of exclusivity, making each item a true representation of sophistication. Every time your guests reach for these accessories, they’ll not only admire their beauty but also appreciate the personalized thoughtfulness that went into their creation.

  • Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini champagne bottles are like little tokens of celebration, elegantly dressed in decorative labels. It’s not just a gift; it’s a toast to the wonderful journey that’s about to begin. With each delicate sip, they’re raising a toast to the parents-to-be, cherishing the precious moments and the love that surrounds them. These mini champagne bottles will add a touch of sophistication and sparkle to the baby shower festivities.


What Favors Do You Give At A Baby Shower?

When it comes to favors, you want to choose items that reflect the joyous occasion and leave a lasting impression. For baby shower party favor ideas, you can put small charms, such as 5-6 small candles, mini bath bombs, mini cookies, etc. 
Other ideas, such as cupcakes, candies in a mason jar, flower bokeh, or a rose teddy bear, can also be very good as a baby shower gift. It doesn’t matter what you put in the baby shower gift bag until it’s thoughtful and related to the theme.

What Are Some Popular Ideas To  In Baby Shower Gift Bags?

It takes a combination of thoughtfulness and creativity to make captivating baby shower gift bags. Popular items to include are candies, hand sanitizers, personalized trinkets, and miniature toiletries. Try recipe cards, DIY kits, or scented sachets for something distinctive. Provide guests with cherished memories and a small taste of the magic of your celebration by infusing creativity and care.

What Are Some Unique And Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Gift Bags?

Include recipe cards, sharing the delight of baby-friendly recipes that can be savored at home. Add a personalized touch with seed packets, symbolizing growth and nurturing a connection that flourishes. 
For the crafty souls, provide DIY craft kits, sparking creativity and allowing guests to express their artistic flair. You can also include a parenting tips booklet, scented sachets, or lottery tickets to increase creativity.

What Are Some Traditional Favors For Baby Shower Gift Bags?

Traditionally, people put soaps, pencils, coffee, and tea so that guests could use them. However, these days, people are also including modern gifts such as bath bombs, self-care kits, and other essential products for guests. Just remember that the gifts you are giving will actually be used by the guests. 


Five minutes ago, you didn’t know what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests, and now you have endless options. These gifts help make baby showers the joyful and thoughtful occasions that they should be.

Remember, It’s about the quality time you are spending, not the price of those gifts. So make sure you are indulging your thought and effort in the gifts. The smallest act of appreciation for guests is the secret to a blessed baby shower.



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