How to Make a Heart Rose Bear

How to Make a Heart Rose Bear? (A Complete Guideline)

What can you gift to your special someone that will surely impress him or her? Have you ever thought about a heart rose bear? Yes, you heard it right! A rose bear with a heart can be an exceptional gift for your loved one. 

Now, the matter is, how to make a heart rose bear? You can make a heart-shaped rose bear with a heart-shaped foam base, a bear base, and some artificial roses, attaching them securely to the base.

This article explains all the steps for making a heart rose bear. So, continue reading this article and make a Heart Rose Bear right now.

7 Steps to Make a Heart Rose Bear – Steps to Try at Home

Follow the 7 steps to make a perfect heart rose bear. Collect all the materials before starting the steps.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need the following tools for making a heart rose bear:
          Artificial roses
         Foam heart base
         Wire cutters
         Glue gun
         Green floral tape
         Hot glue
         Needle and thread

Step 2: Create the Bear Base

First, you should build the bear base. Collect a foam bear base from your local gift shop. If you want to make it, you have to cut a heart-shaped foam base. Then, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Preparing the Rose

Now it is time to prepare the roses. Use a wire cutter to cut the stems from the roses. Cut carefully so that the petals are protected. And the roses are prepared now.

Step 4: Attach the Roses

In this step, attach the roses to the bear base. First, fill the shape of the border of the heart with roses. And then, fill the volume with roses. Use a glue gun and hot glue to attach the roses. Decorate the whole bear in this way.

Step 5: Shape the Heart

Smoothly bend the roses and give them the shape of a heart. This is the most important step in making the bear. Ensure the security of the roses with a hot glue gun.

Step 6: Fill in the Gaps

If you notice any gaps on the bear, fill them with roses and petals. And when it is the heart, fill the gaps with green floral taps to make it more beautiful.

Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

Finally, add the finishing touches. You may add colorful ribbons on the neck and add lovely notes on the heart. Thus, the bear will look more attractive.

Tips and Tricks for Making a Heart Rose Bear

These are the tips and tricks for making a heart rose bear in a quick time. 

  • To make the bear colorful, use different colors. You may think about the rainbow to make the bear more pleasant.
  • Make the heart with various shapes of roses.
  • Green is the most natural color. So, add green to make the bear evergreen.
  • Add hot glue to keep the roses and petals from falling off.
  • Keep your patience while making the bear. You should be careful to save the roses and petals from damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Heart Rose Bear?

Here is a table to show you the expected cost to make a heart rose bear:

Artificial roses$10-20
Foam heart base$5-10
Wire cutters$5-10
Glue gun$10-20
Green floral tape$5-10
Hot glue$5-10
Needle and thread$5-10

In total, you will spend from $50-100 to make a heart rose bear.

Should You Make a Heart Rose Bear or Buy One?

Now it is time to think. If you make the bear on your own, you can make it to your or the recipient’s preference. However, making a heart rose bear is a time-consuming project.

So, if you cannot manage the time, you should buy one.

Where to Buy Heart Rose Bears?

I have mentioned the places where you can buy heart rose bears. The places are:

1.         Gift Shops: You will find heart rose bears in your local gift shops. So, visit gift shops to buy heart rose bears.

2.         Online shops: Real Rose Gift is one of the popular shops for purchasing such gifts. You can buy Heart Rose Bears from here without any hassle.

3.         Florists: You may also find heart rose bears from florists. But it can be a little bit costly.



What Is a Heart Rose Bear Made of?

You will need artificial roses, a foam heart base, wire cutters, a glue gun, green floral tape, scissors, hot glue, and needle and thread to make a heart rose bear. You have to collect all the materials to make the heart rose bear.

How Long Do Heart Rose Bears Last?

Heart rose bears last forever if you take proper care of them. Keep the bears away from direct sunlight and harmful environments. And then, the bears will last forever.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Heart Rose Bear?

You may need 3-6 hours to make a Heart Rose Bear if you are skilled enough. And sometimes, you may also need a whole day. You will need time, depending on your skill. 

What Is the Size of Heart Rose Bears?

The average size of heart rose bears is 12 inches. And the size may start from 6 inches to 24 inches. The size varies depending on the occasion and the recipient’s preference.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Heart Rose Bear?

It may cost from $50-100 to make a heart rose bear. However, I have discussed the cost of making a heart rose bear above. Read my discussion to get a clear and concise concept of the cost.

How Do You Care for and Maintain Heart Rose Bears?

Keep the bear away from direct sunlight, dust, and water. Clean it regularly with a soft brush. If you care properly, these artificial bears can last forever. So, protect the bears from all harmful materials and bad weather to maintain their longevity.


Heart Rose Bears are unique and pretty enough to gift to your loved ones. And when you make it on your hand, it will really surprise the recipient. So, learn how to make a heart rose bear and enjoy the project! Follow the steps and get a perfect bear as a heart-touching gift.



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