How To Put Rose In A Glass Dome

How To Put Rose In A Glass Dome?[A DIY Method]

Capturing the beauty of roses within a glass dome is a captivating way to capture the essence of this delicate flower. The process requires careful selection, proper preparation, and placement of the rose and the glass dome. This article will guide you through the steps of how to put a rose in a glass dome

You must collect a fresh rose and a defectless jar to put a rose inside a glass dome with a base. Next, you have to prepare the rose by cutting its stem and thorns. Lastly, use a vial to lock the moisture of the rose and put it inside the dome after ensuring its stability. 

Keep reading the article to know the steps more elaborately. 

3 Simple Steps To Put A Rose In A Glass Dome 

Putting a rose inside a glass dome might sound tricky. Moreover, beauty and the beast-enchanted rose aren’t something that simple. The trickiest part of making an enchanted rose centerpiece is putting the rose in a glass dome. 

3 Simple Steps To Put A Rose In A Glass Dome

However, it is easy if you follow the proper steps. The steps to put a rose in a glass dome are explained below-

Step 1- Choose The Perfect Rose And Glass Dome  

Choosing the right rose and glass dome is essential to plant roses in a glass dome.
Select A Rose With Fresh Stem: Choose fresh, full-bloomed roses with strong stems. It will maintain the beauty and vitality of the rose for a long time. Plus, roses with strong stems are easier to handle and less likely to bend or break. 
Choose A Flawless Glass Dome: Carefully select a clear, defect-free glass dome. The clarity of the glass is vital for maximizing the beauty of your roses. Imperfections such as scratches and discoloration can spoil the overall image. 
Choose A Spacious Glass Dome: Make sure the glass dome is large enough to comfortably accommodate the rose without being too cramped. It allows the roses to look as beautiful as possible without restrictions and restrictions.

Step 2- Prepare For Presentation

Prepare for your presentation once you have selected your roses and glass dome. 
Cut The Rose Stem: To perfectly cut a rose stem, you must cut it at an angle. Also, ensure they are long enough to reach the bottom of the dome. It allows the rose to absorb water. Besides, it provides stability and support within the dome. 
Cut The Stem Thorns: You must remove stem thorns and leaves that block visibility. It allows us to focus solely on the beauty of the rose itself. 
Clean The Glass Dome: Gently wipe off dirt with a soft cloth or special glass cleaner. Make sure there are no scratches or fingerprint marks on the glass. Remember, the beauty of the rose depends on how clean your glass dome is. 

Step 3- Put The Rose Inside The Glass Dome 

Finally, the rose and glass dome is ready; it’s time to carefully place the rose into the dome. To put the rose, follow the below steps-
Lock The Moisture Of The Rose: In this step, insert the rose stem into a small vial or test tube filled with water. It will give your roses the moisture they need to stay fresh and vibrant.
Ensure Stability: Place the vial in the bottom of the glass dome and ensure it is firm and stable. It will prevent the rose from shifting or falling inside the dome. 
Close The Glass Dome: Carefully lower the glass dome over the rose to enclose the flower completely. Remember, the dome acts as a protective barrier, protecting the rose from the outside elements while allowing it to be viewed from all angles. Carefully position the dome correctly and firmly attach it to the base to create a seamless and visually pleasing display.
That’s all! Now you have a beautiful beauty and the beast rose prop. Aren’t the methods too easy to follow? You can make yourself a beautiful rose dome by following the proper techniques. 

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How Long Does a Rose in a Glass Dome Last? 

Proper maintenance is necessary if you put a rose in a glass dome. Hence, a rose in a glass dome can last for two-three years if proper care is taken. SWo, always try to take the proper care if you want to use your product for a long term. 

How Do You Preserve a Single Rose in a Glass Dome?

Use a can of regular hairspray and swirl it around the rose to soak the petals, stems, and leaves in the liquid. Hairspray holds the petals in place and prevents them from falling off when hung upside down.

How Do You Preserve a Dead Rose?

If you’re wondering how to keep your roses intact forever, you need silica gel. Available at most craft stores. Just bury the buds in a large container with gel. Cover the flowers after a week to reveal vibrant, preserved blooms.

Are Preserved Roses Expensive?

A dozen preserved roses can easily cost upwards of $300. It’ll save you money in the long run, but if you order flowers often, treat yourself to a one-off that could be more budget-friendly. 

What Is The Symbolism Of The Rose On The Glass Dome?

The rose put in a glass dome represents timeless love and beauty. While the glass dome maintains and guards the delicate beauty of the rose, it symbolizes the enduring nature of love and romance. The combination brings back fond memories and acts as a reminder of how short life is and how important it is to be safe.


That’s all about how to put a rose in a glass dome! A rose in a glass dome is a classic and romantic way of expressing love and affection. Making a DIY glass rose dome enhances your creativity as well. It’s a creative way to decorate flowers. 

This method lasts longer than traditional flower arrangements, making it perfect for special occasions. You can put a rose in a glass dome with a few simple steps that we discussed above.  



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