What To Gift Someone Who Has Everything

What To Gift Someone Who Has Everything? [Some Unique Ideas]

Finding what to gift someone who has everything is not only hard but also an opportunity to showcase your creativity. You will have at least one person in your life who buys everything they need. In that case, you just don’t know what to give because all their necessities are fulfilled. So, how do you choose gifts for a person who has everything?

The best gift for someone who has everything is to give them an experience. They can receive a pampering day at a spa, a sweet picnic, subscription services, or housecleaning services.  Anything that could make their day would be the best present for them. 

In this article, you will get practical ideas for things to gift someone who has everything. Let’s dig into it:

Birthday Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

Looking for a birthday gift for someone who has everything is tricky and time-consuming. However, you can apply a trick and easily find out what they like. Observe what they like to do in their free time. If they are too busy all day, then give them a spa day activity. Here are more ideas for birthday gifts for people who have everything:

  • A Rose Teddy Bear

A rose teddy bear is the perfect home decor gift for a birthday. Even the pickiest people could not resist a rose teddy bear. It is an elegant gift that is inexpensive but gives off a luxury vibe. Crafted with high-quality roses, this rose teddy bear will radiate love and joy.

If you want a beautiful teddy bear made with high-quality roses, check out Real Rose Gift. The best part is that this rose teddy bear is appropriate for any occasion. This means that even if it’s not anyone’s birthday, you can still give them this elegant gift. 

  • Neck And Back Massager

Give them a relaxing day, even if they are at home, with a neck and back massager. You can get any neck and back massager that can be used even when you are seated. If the birthday person has a busy day, they can just work and get a massage at the same time.

  • A Coffee Machine

A person who has everything probably needs coffee to start the day. Why should they waste money by buying coffee every day when a coffee machine can do that job way cheaper? That is why a coffee machine is the best birthday gift for someone who has everything.

  • Entertainment Subscription Service

When it comes to the person who has everything, you should give them something that they can enjoy without going anywhere. An entertainment subscription service can do that for you. Give them one year’s worth of subscription services from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video. 

You can give them other entertainment subscription services, such as audiobooks or Spotify.  

  • A Birthday Trip

What could be better than a birthday trip for someone who has everything? You can book their flights and hotels and sponsor them for a chill, relaxing birthday trip. A birthday trip on an island or somewhere they were dreaming to go. 

  •  A Cute Picnic

If you don’t have enough money to go on a birthday trip, you can plan a cute picnic for them. A nice evening with cakes, sweet munchies, and their favorite activity would be the best picnic for someone who has everything.

  • A Book That They Haven’t Read Yet

If they love to read, ask them what type of book they haven’t read and gift it to them on their birthday. Some good novels or  good sci-fi books would be The best gifts for friends that have everything 

Gift For A Female Friend Who Has Everything

A gift for a female friend who has everything should be something wholesome and thoughtful. It has to be something that reflects their personality and lifestyle. Here are some gift ideas for your female friend:

  • Pay For Their Manicure and Nails

Manicures and nail extensions are quite expensive, and women love to do them every two to three weeks. So if you want to do something special for your female friend, you can pay for her Nail extensions and manicure sessions. It will not only be wholesome, but she can also customize it.

  • A Fancy Dinner

Take her to a Fancy dinner with candles and order her favorite meal. A fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant can be the best gift for a female friend who has everything. Make sure to compliment her to make her day even better.

  • Make An Outfit For Her

Observe what type of style she has and make a whole outfit for her. You can buy a baggy T-shirt with jewelry and a baggy pant if she is a tomboy. If your female friend has a cottage-core style, then buy an elegant frock with some golden jewelry. You can also give her gender-neutral outfits with matching shoes and purses that they don’t have.

  • Skincare Products

Women love taking care of their skin. That is why skincare as a gift is the best gift idea for a female friend who has everything. You can give her a good sunscreen, or high-end moisturizer that she has been wanting.

  • Handmade Jewelry

Craft or customize a piece of jewelry that aligns with her style, making it a unique accessory. You can make her a beautiful bracelet, or a staple neckpiece that she never had before. 

Affordable Gift Ideas For A Rich Person

Getting a cheap gift for a rich person is very challenging because you don’t know whether they will like it or not. Furthermore, a wealthy person has a refined sense of style and appreciates fine goods, which are not found in inexpensive presents. Here are some cheap gift ideas for a rich person that have luxury vibes:

  • Minimalistic Home Decors

You can find minimalist home decor products at Ikea or Target. Rich people love to decorate their homes with minimalist products. Most of the time, they go for beige, white, or gray home decor to match their interior. You can give them a nice plant pot, a lamp, a clock, or a book stand.

  • Antique Products

Antique products can be less expensive, but they give off luxury vibes. So if you want inexpensive gifts for someone who has everything, opt for something antique. An antique storage box would be perfect to keep their keepsakes in.

  • Handwritten Letter

A handwritten letter is priceless for everyone, no matter what their financial situation is. If you write a letter with effort and love, it will be the best gift for anyone. You can make DIY vintage papers and write letters on them. You can also write poems and give them as gifts.

  • Homemade Candle

Homemade candles are the best gifts for rich people. Usually, everyone loves to keep their houses smelling fresh. So giving homemade scented candles is the best inexpensive gift for rich people. Not only are the candles fragrant, but they can also be used as decorative items in homes.

Gifts For Young Adults Who Have Everything

Young adults are the pickiest, and their tastes change with current trends. So it is hard to find gifts for young adults who have everything. Here are some unique gift ideas for young adults you can give:

  • Tech Gadgets

Consider the latest tech accessories, from wireless earbuds to phone grips or charging stations. You can give them noise-canceling headphones, a tablet, or a Nintendo Switch. 

  • Fitness Gear

 Fitness enthusiasts would appreciate quality workout gear, such as resistance bands or a yoga mat. Give them something that they don’t have so that they can use it.

  • Gift Card

Any gift card from their favorite shop is the best gift for young adults who have everything. They can shop at their favorite store for their favorite items, and they do not have to worry about whether they like them or not.

  • Meal Kit Delivery Service

Young adults do not like and do not have time to cook. So it is the best opportunity to subscribe to a meal kit delivery service which will deliver ready-made food to their doorstep. You can gift them one or two months of meal kit delivery service subscriptions so they don’t have to hustle for cooking.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

Running short on time? Here are some quick yet meaningful last-minute gift ideas for someone who has everything:

  • Spa Gift Set

Spa gift sets are the best for people who don’t have time to go out and have a relaxing day. A luxurious spa set with scented candles, bath salts, and relaxing essentials is always a welcome treat. Give them the spa feeling at home with a spa gift set.

  • Digital Gift Cards

Opt for digital gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants, allowing them to choose what they want. Digital gift cards will allow them to choose whatever they like, so you don’t have to pick for them.

  • Personalized Items

 Quick-turnaround personalized items, like monogrammed accessories or custom-made keychains, add a personal touch. 


What Do You Offer Someone Who Has Everything?

Great question! You can go for something that they never had before. Consider experiences, personalized items, and meaningful gestures that reflect your thoughtfulness and appreciation.

What Unique Gift Ideas Are Suitable For Someone Who Has Everything? 

 Unique ideas include custom star maps, vintage items, and handmade crafts that stand out from the ordinary. Give them something close to their heart, such as a portrait of their pet or Handmade letters, good memories, etc.

What Luxury Or High-End Gifts Are Suitable For Someone Who Has Everything?

Consider luxury tea sets, personalized artworks, and exclusive experiences that align with their refined tastes. Moreover, rare artworks or vintage pieces are also great luxury gifts that are suitable for someone who has everything.

What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas For Someone Special Who Has Everything?

Take them to a fancy dinner and order their favorite meal. You can take them to Disney World and fill the whole day with fun activities. Consider giving them a rose teddy bear, handmade crafts, etc. Learn to make pottery and give them handcrafted pottery items.


Selecting what to gift someone who has everything requires a touch of creativity and thoughtfulness. By choosing experiences, personalized items, or unique gestures, you can surprise and delight even the most discerning individuals. Ultimately, the sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters.

Making them special is the only goal you should have instead of money. So make sure you are expressing your love through these gifts.



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