Are Rose Bears Made of Real Roses

Are Rose Bears Made of Real Roses?

You are a bear lover and are searching for a rose bear. Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you had a natural rose bear? Have you ever asked yourself the question, are rose bears made of real roses?

Most rose bears are made of artificial roses because real roses are more expensive, short-lived, and difficult to deal with than artificial roses.

This article will explain why most rose bears are made of artificial roses and how to take care of real rose bears.

5 Reasons Why Most Rose Bears Are Not Usually Made of Real Roses

Read the following to know why most of the rose bears are made of artificial roses:

  1. Expensive

Real roses cost a lot of money. Real roses can cost more or less depending on the variety, season, and area. Real roses are, however, typically more costly than fake roses.

  1. Short-lived

Real roses are short-lived. Even with proper maintenance, real roses gradually bloom and pass away. This implies that a bear covered in actual flowers would only be durable for a brief time.

  1. Difficult to work with

Real roses are challenging to handle. Real roses are fragile and easily harmed. For this reason, real roses can’t be used to produce a solid and attractive rose bear.

  1. Availability

Real roses are not provided all year. You can only find specific varieties of roses at particular times of the year. It also means that you might not be able to get a rose bear made from real roses when you need one.

  1. Realistic

The synthetic roses look more authentic. The appearance of artificial roses has greatly improved. It can occasionally be challenging to tell either a real rose or a synthetic one. For folks seeking a rose bear that looks as realistic as possible, artificial roses are a good option.

Still, Real Rose Bears Exist!

On Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions, rose bears are an appreciated present. Typically, they are made from synthetic roses, which are more cost-effective and durable than actual roses. However, a few businesses also market rose bears crafted from actual roses.

Real roses are expertly and precisely conserved to create real rose bears. The moisture from the roses’ petals is first removed through dehydration.

The roses’ appearance and form are maintained during this process, but it makes the blooms unstable. The flowers are then covered with a unique resin to increase their durability. The roses remain protected from harm by the resin, which dries.

How to Make a Real Rose Bear

You can obviously make a real rose bear. But you must be careful while making the bear.

6 steps on how to make a real rose bear

Here are the steps on how to make a real rose bear:

Total Time: 4 hours

Step 1-

Get ready for the roses. Rose stems should be roughly one inch in length after cutting. Remove the thorns from any roses that have them with the scissors.

Step 2-

Begin sticking the roses on the foam bear form with glue. Move down the body, beginning at the head. To fasten the roses to the shape, use a hot glue gun.

Step 3-

To assist in holding the roses in place while you glue them, use the florist wire. To make sure it is secure, wrap the wire around the foam bear form and rose several times.

Step 4-

Keep attaching and wiring roses until the bear form is completely covered. Some of the roses might require trimming.

Step 5-

If you want, you can use a needle and thread to sew the roses in place. This will make the bear more durable.

Step 6-

Once you are finished gluing and wiring the roses, your real rose bear is complete!

Estimated Cost: 500 USD


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A needle and thread (optional)
  • Scissors

Materials: A rose bear form Real roses and Floral wire

Things to Consider While Making Real Rose Bears

Remember the following things when you are making a real rose bear:

  • Cost

You should include that in your budget because real roses might be pricey. The price of the adhesive, other supplies, and the foam bear base are additional factors to take into account.

  • Time

Time is needed to create a genuine rose bear. You’ll need to pick the roses carefully, trim the stems, and affix them to the bear foundation. The whole procedure could take many hours.

  • Skill Level

You’ll need some fundamental crafting abilities to make a real rose bear. You’ll need to know how to use a glue gun, and you’ll need to be careful not to harm the roses.

  • Durability

Real roses are less resilient than synthetic roses in terms of durability. If you don’t handle them gently, they could be destroyed.

  • Smell

The aroma of real roses is lovely. But after time, the scent will decrease.


How Much Does Real Rose Bear Cost?

A real rose bear would typically cost you between $100 and $500 or more. Real rose bears can cost a lot of money. The price will vary according to the bear’s size, the sort of roses used, and the bear maker.

How Long Do Real Rose Bears Last?

The lifespan of a genuine rose bear is 2–3 weeks. The bear’s care will determine how long it will live. The bear will live longer if kept away from water and the sun.

How Much Time Do You Need to Make a Real Rose Bear?

Making a genuine rose bear will take several hours. Your degree of expertise and the extent of the bear that you are constructing will determine the precise amount of time. Beginners should expect it to take longer to finish the job.

A real rose bear takes about the following amount of time to create:

Bear TypesApproximate Hours
Small bear4-6 hours
Medium bear6–8 hours
Lage Bear8–10 hours

Obviously, this is only a guess. Depending on your unique abilities and experience, the actual time it takes to build a real rose bear will change.


Although some rose bears are created from real roses, the majority are manufactured from fake roses. Now the question is, are rose bears made of real roses? has been answered by this article. Real rose bears, on the other hand, might be a more heartfelt gift because they mimic the elegance and delicacy of actual flowers.



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