How to Make a Rose Teddy Bear

How to Make a Rose Teddy Bear? (An Ultimate Guide)

Next week is your friend’s birthday. But what can you gift her or him? Chocolate? Flowers? Or what? A Rose Teddy Bear is a best example here. And if it is made on your own, it will be excellent!

But how to make a rose teddy bear? You can make a rose teddy bear by gluing artificial roses onto a teddy bear base. That’s the simplest way to make teddy bear roses.

This article explains all the steps for making a rose teddy bear at home. So, continue reading this article and make a rose teddy bear right now.

5 Steps to Make a Rose Teddy Bear (Step-by-step Guide)

5 steps to make a rose teddy bear

When you are going to make a rose teddy bear at home, you will need a guideline. Here are the steps for making a rose teddy bear:

About 1 hour

Step 1: Create the Bear Base

You should make the bear base first. Find a foam bear base at a nearby gift store. To create it, you must cut a foam base into the base of a teddy bear. Cut carefully so that the shape stays equal to the paired parts.

Step 2: Preparing the Rose

The roses need to be ready now. To remove the roses’ stems, use a wire cutter. Cut with caution to preserve the petals. And The roses have been prepared to make the bear.

Step 3: Attach the Roses

Glue the petals to the bear foundation. Attach the roses with a glue gun and hot glue. Start attaching the roses from the head. Then attach the entire body. Decorate the bear completely.

Step 4: Fill in the Gaps

Fill up whatever spaces you see on the bear with petals and roses. The filling will complete and perfect the bear.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

Finally, add the finishing touches. You may add colorful ribbons on the neck and lovely notes on the chest. Thus, the bear will look more attractive and pleasant.

Estimated Cost: 100 USD


  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Materials: Artificial roses Glue gun Hot glue

Tips and Tricks for Making a Rose Teddy Bear

Follow these guidelines to make a rose teddy bear precisely.

  • Consider the appropriate bear size for the occasion. For example, if you are making one for a birthday present, make the bear so that it cheers up the receiver.
  • Make the bear’s head first, and then decorate the rest of the body. Starting with the head first will make it easy for you to finish the bear.
  • Secure the roses with hot glue. Hot glue guns are strong and easy to use. Using a hot glue gun will strengthen the bear and keep the roses from falling off.
  • Let the bear dry completely before giving it to someone. The bear must be thoroughly dried before being given as a gift. The bear often needs to be dried for 24 hours.
  • Make the bear prettier by adding additional colors. Color is an important factor when making the bear. Consider rainbows when choosing the right colors for the bear.
  • Give the bear a personalized touch by placing meaningful messages in it. Your love for the receiver will be evident in the note. The bear will be more meaningful if there is a special message.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Rose Teddy Bear?

Here is a table to show you the expected cost to make a rose teddy bear:

Artificial roses$10-20
Wire cutters$5-10
Glue gun$10-20
Hot glue$5-10
Needle and thread$5-10

In total, you will spend from $50-100 to make a rose teddy bear.

Should You Make a Rose Teddy Bear or Buy One?

If you make a rose teddy bear on your own, it will be a surprising gift for the recipient. However, making a rose teddy bear is time-consuming. So, if you cannot manage the time, you should buy one.

Where Can You Purchase a Rose Teddy Bear?

When you are going to purchase a rose teddy bear, you need to find the best gift shop. I have mentioned the places where you can buy rose teddy bears. The places are:

Gift Shops: You will find rose teddy bears in your local gift shops. So, visit gift shops to buy rose teddy bears.

Online shops: Real Rose Gift is one of the popular shops for purchasing such gifts. You can buy rose teddy bears from here without any hassle. So, visit this shop and get a rose teddy bear in the blink of an eye!


What Is a Rose Teddy Bear Made of?

You will need artificial roses, a foam base, wire cutters, a glue gun, scissors, hot glue, and needle and thread to make a rose teddy bear. You have to collect all the materials to make the rose teddy bear.

How Long Do Rose Teddy Bears Last?

Rose Teddy Bears last forever if you take proper care of them. Keep the bears away from direct sunlight and harmful environments. And then the bears will last forever.

How Many Roses Can a Bear Hold?

Depending on the size of the bear and the kind of roses used, a white rose bear may have 200-500 roses. There are usually several dozen roses in a standard white rose bear.

How Tall Should a Rose Teddy Bear Be Made?

The average height for a rose teddy bear is from 25 cm (10 in.) to 3 feet. You can make them in any size, from small to large. Choose the size according to the occasion and the recipient’s preferences.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Rose Teddy Bear?

Making a little Rose Reddy Bear only takes 3 to 6 hours; however, making a giant bear may take several days. The size and craftsmanship of the creator both affect how long it takes to create a rose teddy bear.

What Are the Different Types of Roses Used to Make Rose Teddy Bears?

Silk roses and plastic roses are the two primary kinds of roses used to create teddy bears. While plastic roses are more robust and come in a larger range of hues, silk roses are more delicate and look more lifelike.


Teddy bears made of roses are special and lovely enough to give as gifts to loved ones. Additionally, the recipient will be truly surprised if you make it by hand. In order to appreciate the project, learn how to make a rose teddy bear. Follow the instructions to obtain the ideal bear for a wonderful present.



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